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Lince Group has been recognized as a national-level green supply chain management company

Lince Group has been recognized as a national-level green supply chain management company

2023-06-12 21:19

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China released the list of Green Manufacturing for the year 2022, and Lince Group was awarded the national-level Green Supply Chain Management Company.

Lince Group has made efforts in multiple aspects, incluing green manufacturing, green products, green environment, green energy, green supply, and green management. It is committed to sustainable development and strives to build a safe and environmentally friendly, resource-efficient enterprise.

Green manufacturing, digital empowerment

In the ventilation and cooling workshop of Lince Group, an integrated production and control system, as well as intelligent products and services, form the core. The production line combines CNC equipment, robots, intelligent torque workstations, advanced information technology, network technology, and professional industrial software. It achieves centralized process zoning, lean workstation design, and intelligent manufacturing, significantly improving production efficiency while reducing labor intensity and ensuring operational safety. In 2022, the "Digitized Workshop for Ventilation and Cooling System Components" was recognized as one of the first intelligent manufacturing benchmark workshops in Hunan Province.

Currently, intelligent production lines have been extended to other workshops within the company. The implementation of laser cleaning, automated spraying lines, automated welding, intelligent workstations, and smart cabinets has completely transformed the traditional "manual labor-intensive" mode of operation. Under the transformation of "smart manufacturing" and digital empowerment, the working environment for employees has become more friendly, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise have been greatly enhanced.

Green products, widespread application

Lince Group emphasizes the development of green and eco-friendly products. It has successfully developed water-based coatings that combine green environmental protection with high performance. These coatings have been applied to the interior products of China's first double-decker train exported to Europe, fully meeting the EU TSI railway standards.

Furthermore, Lince water-based coatings have been extensively used in batch production for Shenhua's 24-axle electric locomotives as well as multiple urban rail vehicles in Changsha, Wuxi, and other cities. Key technologies and products, such as lightweight composite materials, high-efficiency low-noise fans, and non-metallic impellers, which are efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly, have been put into mass production and have achieved excellent results.

Green environment, comfortable experience

Lince Group has continuously invested significantly in ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly working environment for its employees. It has installed environmental equipment and facilities such as constant temperature and humidity air conditioning systems, UV photocatalytic + activated carbon exhaust gas treatment facilities, soundproof rooms, and catalytic combustion exhaust gas treatment facilities. The company continuously adopts new processes, technologies, and equipment to optimize process layouts, creating a green environment and building a safe workplace, providing employees with a comfortable working experience.

Water-cooled air conditioning and far-infrared heating have greatly improved the comfort of employees during both summer and winter seasons. They have been implemented in various production units, including the New Industries Division, Material Preparation Workshop, and New Materials Company.

Green energy, carbon reduction through photovoltaics

Lince Group has built a distributed photovoltaic power station on the rooftops of its new industrial park buildings. The total installed capacity is 7.07 megawatts, and on March 6th, the first phase of photovoltaic power generation was connected to the grid.

As of May 31st, the first phase of the project has generated a cumulative total of 670,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Of this, 440,000 kilowatt-hours have been consumed internally, while the excess electricity has been fed back to the grid.

Green supply, collaborative chain-building

Lince Group extends green technologies throughout the supply chain, collaborating with upstream and downstream companies to construct a green supply chain system. This involves green design, green procurement, green manufacturing, green packaging, green logistics, and more, aiming to achieve recycling and reuse throughout the product lifecycle.

Simultaneously, the group is enhancing the green procurement standard system by establishing comprehensive supplier code of conduct guidelines and supplier audit systems. Regular training is conducted for suppliers, and the environmental performance of suppliers, including the improvement of their certification systems, compliance with harmful substances, and emission reduction, is incorporated into supplier performance evaluations and assessments.

Green management, health services

Seventeen years ago, Lince Group put forward the corporate ideal of "health, happiness, and prosperity," with "health" as the foundation for achieving this ideal. The company prioritizes employee health services with a "four-heart" approach.

Every year, authoritative departments are invited to conduct occupational health hazard factor testing at work sites. A comprehensive occupational health big data platform is established to proactively manage and prevent occupational hazards. The company ensures the distribution of various professional labor protection supplies in high standards, quality, and quantity, ensuring comprehensive labor protection. Expert-led safety legal and regulatory training is conducted annually, including practical fire prevention and firefighting exercises, with a focus on safety training. Various supplies for heatstroke prevention, high-temperature subsidies, and health benefits are provided. The company organizes health check-ups and promotes rest and relaxation to ensure employee well-being.

Lince Group consistently prioritizes green practices as the foundation for corporate development, aiming to establish a harmonious and symbiotic modern enterprise. The company contributes to the green, low-carbon, and sustainable development of the industrial chain.


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