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Development history

Development history

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Phase one Established development period (1979 ~ 2001)
In 1979, approved by Zhuzhou Revolutionary Committee,Planning Committee (79) No. 102 document,the predecessor of Lince Group --- Zhuzhou Tianxin Comprehensive Factory was formally established, mainly responsible for three tasks‘serving production, serving the lives of employees and arrange the employment of employees’ children’, which belongs to a typical resettlement and employment-oriented enterprise. In April 1980, it was renamed as Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Comprehensive Factory. In February 1981, it was renamed Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Machinery Plant. In 1983, the predecessor merged with Labor Service Company of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Factory , ‘two brands, the same set of people’. In 1989, through the snowballing development, Lince developed into 5 branches, Lince has begun to take shape.. In September 1992, it was renamed Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Components Industry Company and implemented the business strategy of "based on the railway, facing the society, and going to the market", and began to the transition to marketization. In December 1998, it was renamed Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Component Company. In 1999, Lince further accelerated the marketization process, and implemented a management system reform that focused on the “downward shift of power and responsibility” and the asset management responsibility system as the main content.
[Cultural elements] Entrepreneurship, dedication, placement, focus on quality, strengthen management, competition awareness, mechanism innovation
Phase two Transformation and restructuring period (2002~2011)
In April 2002, Lince completed the shareholding system transformation and was renamed ‘Zhuzhou Lince Group Co., Ltd.’. In August 2003, it made a strategic decision to develop the two major industries of locomotives and urban rail, prepare and set up the metro aluminum parts business unit to cultivate new economic growth points. In April 2004, the successful cooperation of international leading technologies such as pneumatic wipers and oil-water cooling towers marked a good track for the development of the locomotive and urban railway industry.In 2006, Lince's leading products successfully entered the European railway transportation equipment market, and signed export orders with Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier and other internationally renowned railway transportation equipment companies. In 2006, it took over Zhuzhou Gofront Braking Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Motor Manufacture and Repair Co.,Ltd. In October 2007, it acquired Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Pneumatic Equipment Co., Ltd., in September 2008, it took over Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Widege Technology Co., Ltd. In the 10 years of restructuring, Lince has fully entered the three major fields of locomotive, EMUs, and urban rail vehicles, from a single user to the establishment of the North and South Railway Group and the international and domestic multi-level market system, from the lowest-end products to the formation of leading industries, from the complete dependence of technology to 96 patented technologies.In the past 10 years, Lince has successively passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification, European standard EN15085 welding system certification, and International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) certification. The "Lince" brand has obtained China's well-known trademark and became the first Chinese railway transportation company successfully registered in the EU Parts corporate brand. The annual per capital income of the enterprise has doubled every five years from less than 10,000 yuan in 2002, and the sales scale has jumped from 100 million in 2002 to 1.7 billion yuan. Lince has leaped from the labor service enterprise to the provincial top 100 industrial enterprises and manufacturing top 50.
[Cultural elements] Reform layout, core culture, learning and innovation, performance execution, focus on quality, cooperation and exchange
Phase three Scale expansion period (2012~2015)
In March 2013, it took over Jiuhua Huasheng Company, in 2013, it started the construction of a New Factory, in December 2014, it set up a Material preparation center. In 2015, sales revenue reached 3.65 billion yuan, main financial indicators such as total assets, net assets, operating income, and net profit all maintained a growth of more than 20%, net profit successfully achieved a leap from 10 million yuan to 100 million yuan, the market has been achieved great expansion, forming a pattern in which the international and domestic markets are in parallel, overseas investment and base construction are synergistically promoted, 291 patents have been applied, with a total of 362 patents, and have participated in the development of the National 863 Program in collaboration with the main locomotive company of CRRC, hosted and participated in drafting 9 industry standards, 14 scientific and technological achievements have passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal and won the domestic leading and international advanced evaluation. Lince adheres to the ‘railway transportation equipment parts industry’ as the leading and the core, and transforms and extends related core technologies and industrial advantages into emerging industries, fostering a new format of diversified development, implementing ‘the New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand ’talent project, and promoting the Equity incentives, lean production, financial audit, quality control, and information construction all jumped to a new level.
[Cultural Elements] Large-scale enterprise group, Diversified operation, Integration into the international market
Phase four Upgrade period (2016 ~)
In May 2016, Lince actively implemented a globalization strategy, aggregated global resources, improved global operation capabilities, and expanded global emerging markets; continued to enhance outstanding leadership, business synergy, cultural drive, resource allocation, continuous innovation, and improvement Excellent performance model,comprehensive expansion of world-class products, vigorously enhance the industry's global competitive position, achieve continuous growth in industrial scale, operating benefit and  efficiency, and propose to become "the best, most valuable and most respected world-class enterprise ", it is expected that by 2025, Lince's brand value will be promoted to the top 10 of railway transportation equipment industry.
【Cultural Elements】Three Best Class, Ten billion enterprises,   Top 10 in the industry

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