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Corporate Culture

Cultural philosophy

Cultural philosophy

Corporate Vision: To become “the best, the most valuable and the most respected” world-class enterprise
Corporate mission: To continuously create new realm for customers, employees, stock-holders and whole society 
Corporate values: Honesty, gratitude, innovation and improvement
Corporate idea: healthy, happy, wealthy
Quality policy:
Lean production, creating Lince Brand; Continuous Improvement, to meet Customer requirements
Safety policy: build a first-class rolling stock equipment enterprise of green, civilized, healthy and safe
Corporate philosophy: 
Four Senses: sense of crisis, sense of innovation, sense of responsibility, sense of team
Management philosophy: Get things done for ten points
Product R & D concept: market-oriented, always one step ahead
Talent concept: being competent is talent, competition makes talent
Quality concept: perfect product quality is the best advertisement
Marketing concept: products are valuable, reputation is priceless
Cost concept: eliminate waste
Manufacturing Concept: Agile Manufacturing, Benefits First
Learning concept: learning in work, work-oriented learning
Corporate employment concept: good moral character, strong ability, with passion
Corporate style: respect for the system, sincere cooperation, spare no pains
Three treasures: Cherish development achievements, Cherish development opportunities ,Cherish development platform

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