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Sustainable development

Innovation and development

Innovation and development

Lince always adheres to the innovation of technology, management and business model, and builds a sustainable development path with innovation as the core driving force.
Innovation system:
Lince owns many innovative platforms such as the National Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center, Hunan Railway Equipment Cooling Engineering Center, Hunan Composite Materials Engineering Center, Hunan Industrial Design Center, Postdoctoral Research Mobile Workstation, Academician Expert Workstation, and IEC17025 accredited laboratory. We are Building three independent R&D innovation systems for heavy-duty locomotives, high-speed EMU and urban rail vehicles, which are market-oriented and in close cooperation with industry, universities and research institute.
Management innovation achievements:
First Prize of National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement
Implementation of high-end development strategy for private enterprises
First Prize of Hunan Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement
1. Rolling stock equipment enterprises creating a leading advantage management with independent and high-end strategy
2.Innovation of international borderless collaborative management for rolling stock equipment enterprises 
Technology innovation
Science and Technology Progress Award of National Federation of Industry and Commerce :
1.Development of key components of HX locomotives
2.HXD1C high-power AC drive locomotive composite cooling system
Science and Technology Progress Award of Hunan province:
First prize
Manufacture large-sized composite parts for rail transit vehicles by enhanced RFI / RTM-VIMP method
Second prize
CAE virtual technology for advanced composite material and rail vehicle application
Third prize
1.Key technologies and applications of wiper systems for rail transit vehicle 
2.Key technology and application of wiper system for rail transit vehicle 
3.Intelligent, efficient, lightweight and vibration and noise reduction technology of ventilation and cooling system for rolling stock equipment
4.Research on the localization of hydraulic damper for HX locomotives 
5.The optimization design technology and application of the structure for transportation equipment driven by high-efficiency, high-quality and high-precision numerical simulation algorithm
Patent Award of Hunan Province:
Vibration test system for locomotive cooling tower
Technological Achievements:
Among Lince's scientific and technological achievements evaluation projects, 2 projects has been awarded international leading level, 19 international advanced level, and 9 domestic leading level.
Lince owns 823 authorized patents, including 1 international patent and 51 invention patents
Lince leads or participates in the establishment of 17 national / industry standards.

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