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Lince has obtained the first "Roof Quality Inspection Authorization Letter" from Siemens Transportation (China)

Lince has obtained the first "Roof Quality Inspection Authorization Letter" from Siemens Transportation (China)

2023-05-11 10:45

In April, the Procurement Director of Siemens Transportation (China) issued a "Quality Inspection Authorization Letter" to Liu Qi, the quality engineer of Lince. Obtaining this authorization letter means that Liu Qi can officially represent Siemens' quality department to carry out the pre shipment inspection of Lince roof.

Since its establishment, the structural components industry of Lince has comprehensively reference Siemens' processes, technologies, and management models, focusing on improving its capabilities in "market expansion, technology research and development, process manufacturing, and management operation". It has mastered 22 advanced welding processes and possesses the design, simulation calculation, efficient manufacturing, and testing and verification capabilities of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, composite materials, and other small structural components to the entire vehicle body. At the same time, Lince is also committed to cultivating a team of craftsmen, with a total of 72 international welding engineers and 348 international welders trained over the years, and the overall welding level has reached the international advanced level.

Establish a quality control mechanism for the entire process from design source to manufacturing delivery, including raw material procurement, process plan formulation, personnel qualification review, key process control, and process inspection. Adopt the "six fixed" standards of fixed personnel, fixed positions, fixed platforms, fixed equipment, fixed tooling, and fixed processes to strengthen standardized and refined management of the production process. At the same time, through multiple inspection processes such as self-inspection, specialized inspection, project inspection, and customer inspection, we ensure the long-term stability of product quality by not neglecting any link and not neglecting any high standard and strict requirements for any detail, and the export top cover has no quality problems for many consecutive years.

(Quality Engineer Liu Qi)

Mr. Jin, Procurement Director of Siemens Transportation (China), stated that "the product quality of Lince is trustworthy as always. We hope that Lince can continue to maintain and deepen its strategic cooperation with Siemens, represented by Liu Qi, and cultivate more inspection talents through a combination of point and surface methods to help Lince quality inspection team move towards internationalization.

Lince signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Siemens in 2007 and delivered the first locomotive cover the following year. In the 16 years since the cooperation between the two parties, Lince has exported over 2000 Siemens car body components, including nearly 1500 sets of top covers. The supporting Siemens locomotives are exported to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, etc.

(Siemens locomotive roof produced by Lince)

Based on the excellent product quality and delivery guarantee of Lince in the Siemens market, Lince international influence continues to improve, and its overseas sales revenue has been increasing year by year. Supporting products have extended from the structural components industry to industries such as ventilation and cooling systems, gangways, and sensors.

(The MIREO platform intercity train cooling device independently developed by Lince is exclusively supply to Siemens Transportation globally)

(A certain project in India has delivered over 200 sets of gangways since 2017)

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