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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Talent strategy: Focus on building an echelon of talents with clear layers, reasonable structure, and coordinated proportions, which is in line with Lince's development strategy. 
A top management team with global vision and strategic thinking, being able to control the overall situation, which can lead Lince's future development. A professional management team with advanced management concepts, rich management experience, being good at applying modern management ideas in efficient management.
A technology R & D team with high degree of education, profound theoretical knowledge and strong sense of innovation, keeping track of the technology development trends of global high-end equipment industry, especially mastering the cutting-edge technology of rolling stock equipment components, which has strong R & D capabilities, rich engineering experience,working independently, and owns a certain level of project management skills.
A marketing and trade team that can predict the market environment, participating in product design and development, formulating and implementing marketing strategies for target market. They can continuously develop the industrial market and establish the group's brand image in fierce market competition.
A highly intelligent production team mainly consists of vocational college graduates, with good basic quality, artisan spirit and lean production concept, mastering intelligent manufacturing technology, familiar with intelligent production process, good at maintaining intelligent equipment, proficient in intelligent manufacturing process, owning intelligent operation experience and exquisite skills.

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